Are You Exhausted From Not Yet Leading a Sustainable AND Scalable High-ticket Coaching Business?

You're not wired to hustle and then burn out with outdated patriarchal strategies negatively impacting your nervous system. Nor can you build your business only on 'flowing sexy feminine energetics' that do not utilize sustainable business systems beneficial for long-term financial growth.

Maraliz Campos & Philip Attar Present:



SEA helps coaches, service providers, and experts build a 6-figure high-ticket business matched to your unique energetic signature.

Limited spots are available for each cohort to ensure the quality of our leadership-level network of entrepreneurs.
Applications are reviewed on a first come first serve basis, so do not wait to apply. 

Applications close on April 8th!




A 6-month Business Accelerator Program to Help Coaches Ethically & Sustainably Increase Revenue


The SUPERCONSCIOUS ENTREPRENEUR ACCELERATOR™ (SEA) is the ONLY business coaching program for coaches that takes an emotionally intelligentevidence-based approach to sustainably launching your 6-figure high-ticket group program in the next 3 months with continued support for an additional 3 months to ensure you have time to integrate the work, refine your targeting and actually succeed.

Additional month-to-month support is available after the 6-month program as long as you need to ensure you have the time and 1:1 guidance to successfully build the foundations of a successful long-term business model. 

We don't just help you clarify, restructure, and launch your scalable business offer and start enrolling committed high-ticket clients while in the program, we help you transform into a competent SuperconsciousCEO™.

You're a Highly Intelligent Intuitive Guide... STOP Trying to Build Your Business Like Other Coaches Running on Overdrive!

You're not interested in operating like other coaches running on speed, overdrive, and burnout! You have years of experience in your field, numerous certifications AND you have the superpower of hypersensitivity (hello fellow intuitive HSPs and empaths)!

Your genius sensitivity is how you help your clients transform their lives and you are NOT interested in offering useless 2–3-week courses. You have more depth to give and your clients yearn for longer-form programs to truly help them transform their lives. So why have you been trying to copy other coaches' strategies and launch your programs like them, when you are NOT like them? 

Learn to Launch Your Scalable Program Using Strategic Systems That Help Support Your Nervous System 

There are 2 missing ingredients for empaths like you to build a scalable and sustainable business successfully:

1. Integrating the right level of automation to operate your business so you have the energy to do what you do best, and that's serving your clients. Every other coaching program has failed you because they have not understood how to holistically integrate the right operating systems for your energetic way of running your business.

2. Deeper mindset and energetic embodiment coaching to work through traumas from our patriarchal, colonial, capitalist society, so you can learn to THRIVE in it by building a heart-centered impactful AND profitable business.


  1. Help you restructure your 1:1 and/or low-mid-ticket coaching business with a high-ticket group coaching program and the systems you need to sustain long-term growth. 

  2. Help you overcome deeper-seeded subconscious blockages unique to your conditioning, so you can thrive and actually build, sustain, and scale a consciously-led coaching business.

  3. Teach you how to enroll aligned, soul-led, and highly committed clients at the $3k–$10k price point, so you can work with fewer higher-quality clients, and ethically build a profitable coaching business.


Superconscious  •  /so͞opərˈkänSHəs
Transcending human or normal consciousness.

Entrepreneur  •  /äntrəprəˈnər
A person who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on greater than normal financial risks in order to do so.


Your Mentors: Maraliz Campos & Philip Attar

Holistic Biosocial Scientist, Certified Sound Therapist, LCSW Candidate, NBC-HWC INHC Candidate, Certified Meditation Facilitator, 3rd-Generation Successor to Thich Nhat Hanh

“35 Under 35 in Wellness” - WANDERLUST

“Top Wellness Practitioner To Watch For Diversifying The Industry” - VICE TONIC

Maraliz's work combines data-driven research, systems thinking, and multi-modality therapeutics with wise practical application. She refined her work through her own process of transformation from ten years of physical disability to thriving CEO.

Since healing her own SELF, she’s brought her methods to corporate clients including Google, Spotify, Splice, Rolling Stone, Rubin Museum, CUNY, Columbia University, Lesbians Who Tech, COSM, and the National Science Foundation among others. She has collaborated with the likes of Guru Jagat, Sah D'Simone, Artiphon, the Love Doctor Dr. Terri Orbuch and her work has been published in Huffpost, Thrive Global, Elephant Journal, and the Alchemist's Kitchen. Her private clients have included a wide array of powerful human beings including UN Directors, C1 execs at fortune 100 companies, White House endorsed advocates, 7-fig marketing execs, coaches serving 7-8 fig leaders, PhDs, and impact-driven entrepreneurs.

Embodied Purpose & Conscious Leadership Mentor to 6-8-fig Coaches/Entrepreneurs/Athletes, Somatic Intelligence Coach, 20+ year Creative Marketing Expert

A master of trauma-informed energetics and aligning his clients with the algorithm of their purpose. Philip started his career as a Creative Director and Marketing Strategist in NYC working on marketing strategies for the likes of Vogue, Condé Nast, and Swarovski. After years in the creative industries, he burned out and activated his Graves' Ophthalmopathy auto-immune disease (self-healing his crossed-eyes in 2012). This began his spiritual transformation through mastery of his heart-mind coherence and somatic embodiment techniques. 

Now dedicated to teaching his methods and helping 7-8-figure conscious leaders overcome their blockages so they can lead with greater impact and power — better serving themselves and humanity with their gifts. His unique method of somatic heart-mind embodiment coaching attracts elite entrepreneurs, coaches, and athletes, paying $10,000 a month for his private 1:1 coaching.

Chihuahua, Energy Guide & Customer Support Specialist

The divine mirror of our karma. A powerful intuitive guide, holding space for Maraliz and Philip to master their gifts, overcome their demons, and focus their vision to help humanity shift their consciousness through entrepreneurial leadership. 



There is an application process for each new client. We will only work with those who are ready and committed to achieving the 3 objectives above. This program is not for beginners, as you must have experience helping your clients achieve tangible results (we do have a Coaching Academy for those that are just getting started).

We only want to mentor those who are ready to implement now, so they can work through their fears and better serve humanity now. Our application process ensures we hold the integrity of our leadership-level network of conscious entrepreneurs.

This program is for the most committed women, women-identified, nonbinary, and male-ally entrepreneurs from around the world. The transformation that happens here is measurable and the results are unprecedented — that being said, this program is not for everyone.

Our organization and programs are 100% committed to providing a safe environment for racial, gender, and religious diverse expression. We are advocates for equity. If you do not align with these values, then this program is not for you. 


✅ Coaches, service providers, and experts who want to enroll clients at the $3k - $10k price point. No more exhausting discounts or volume-based DIY courses. You want proven structured systems to accomplish your goals without expensive ads or burning out offering useless mini-courses.

✅ Coaches and service providers who are experts in their field and want to either add a scalable program to their existing business and/or pivot from their current role into full-time coaching.

✅ DisruptHer Coaches. You truly offer your clients transformative results and wish to make a name for yourself and disrupt your field so we can replace the outdated patriarchal systems that no longer serve us.

Coaches, service providers, and experts who want holistic business support while you build, launch, AND ongoing. Including LIVE group coaching, mastery-level energetics and mindset, accountability, and follow-up support after launching so you can confidently make your next launch betterYou want 100% results-driven guidance with lifetime access to the material and support available as long as you need it.

✅ Coaches, service providers, and experts who are ready to stop the empty “sexy energetic flow and manifest” manipulation marketing tactics that do not tangibly offer long-term results in your business. 

✅ Coaches who are intelligent experts and are tired of feeling confused about what next steps to take and how to market their gifts

✅Coaches, service providers, and experts who wish to align with a diverse group of highly intuitive, honest, intellectual, overachievers who understand BOTH your intuitive heart AND your entrepreneurial drive. 

✅ Coaches who CARE about your clients AND your own wellbeing. You care about your client's long-term results first and foremost AND wish to build generational wealth.


❌ This program is not for beginner coaches who have no experience coaching. You must have tangible experience helping your clients get real results and now you need the support, systems, and marketing to successfully build and scale your high-ticket offer.

❌ People who avoid taking action because they are not "healed" enough. You will never stop healing. But, there is a difference between healing while maintaining stable growth and postponing action because you are stuck in your healing. You've already tried staying stuck, you're on this page because you are ready to master taking action so you tangibly scale your business. 

❌ People addicted to consuming information and not committed to the work, grit, and determination required to build a successful conscious business. A life of ease is created by overcoming our limitations engrained from inherited conditioning, earlier traumas AND committed work aligned with a balanced nervous system. 

❌ People who wish to stay small with low-ticket offers and continue burning out as a solopreneur. We are not here to capitalize on get-rich-quick social media trends. Here we commit to building intelligent business systems, long-term transformation, with a CEO mindset, to lead your business into sustainable growth for the long term. 

❌ People who only care about money and not quality client transformation. You care deeply about your clients. You want to help people thoroughly transform themselves. You want to participate in replacing patriarchal capitalism with equitable economics.


The combination of energetic AND comprehensive structured systems within the Superconscious Entrepreneur Accelerator™ program is the magic behind such powerful and consistent results. Mind + Heart + Energy + Aligned Strategy = Results.

During our initial call, we'll give you the exact format and we’ll see if it works for you. For intellectual sensitive humans like us, this format is the perfect mix of:

  1. Recorded modules to teach you a systematic, structured, step-by-step approach:
    Building a targeted, clear, impactful, and scalable 6-figure coaching business. Expert support to clarify your offer and target client, learn to build scalable systems, and market like a creative genius, all aligned with your purpose and unique energetic signature.

  2. 2 x monthly group strategy video calls a month with Maraliz/Philip:
    Live face-to-face Q&A calls to master the systems and strategies to build your business and enroll your ideal clients while in the program. Consistent accountability = consistent results.

  3. 2 x mastery-level group mindset video calls a month with Maraliz/Philip:
    Dare we say the deepest dive into money-literacy, emotional intelligence, and embodiment coaching in the industry. It's not only running your business but more importantly, HOW you optimize running it by overcoming the unconscious conditioning that has held you back...until now!

  4. 2 x peer mastermind group workdays a month: 
    Doing it alone as a lone wolf is the easiest way to self-sabotage.
    Receive all the support you need from each other, to know what to do, how to do it, fixing any issues with your program offer, curriculum structure, client delivery, lead generation, or sales funnels.

  5. Private Client only Facebook Group: 
    You will join an inclusive, sensitive, open-minded, intelligent, driven community of women-identified and male-ally industry experts who are all here for the same reason as you. They know they're ready for higher levels of success and they are committed to getting there without harming their nervous systems! These humans understand what it means to grow up with trauma, heal, do it alone, and face challenges beyond their control all while helping humanity with their gifts. They are powerful, embodied, and just need the right community and mentors to get them to that elite level of consistent financial success.

  6.  6 Months to Plan, Execute, Review, Refine & Relaunch Your Program With Extensions: 
    Unlike other programs you've gone through, we will not dump a bunch of strategy information on you and hope for the best. You will have 6 months to review, iterate, and refine your program and marketing with lifetime access to our program curriculum, systems, spreadsheets & templates.

    Extension After 6-Months:
    After the 6-month program, an additional monthly subscription to our weekly support group calls is available as long as you need to ensure you actually succeed. We are here to support leaders like you with data-driven guidance for the long term to ensure we collectively build the business that transforms humanity for the long term.


Many programs teach you their biz and marketing methods while ignoring the #1 thing holding entrepreneurs back:

Money mindset... and more importantly complex unconscious conditioning around money, money literacy, planning, and building wealth.

You were conditioned to be an employee, not a business owner! 

It's one thing to learn an effective strategy from a business coach, it's another entirely to work through deep-seated unconscious behavioral conditioning holding you back from our patriarchal collective. This is exactly why you have been operating as a freelancer coach instead of a business owner until now. It's why you don't know what next steps to take, and why other business programs taught by biz experts might not have worked for you. To succeed in running your own coaching business we have got to redefine your understanding of money, debt, investing, work, ease, structure, systems, flow, and effort. You need guidance from people like us, people who were not raised with these skills, but mastered them later in life.

Your Current Offer(s) Into One Clear Systemized Scalable Offer

If you're still trading time for $$$, you do not have a scaleable offer. If you're customizing, you do not have a scaleable offer. The goal is to streamline all of your entire client processes, from attraction to sales conversion to onboarding to getting your clients consistent results. This is the process of scalable manifesting in action!

Deliver Measurable Value Without Over Working Your Nervous System

You do NOT have to keep creating programs to make more money. Your clients don't want vacuous promises, they want measurable solutions to specific problems. From your marketing to your program, we will eliminate anything and everything that does not deliver value to your clients. From your business to your mindset we will eliminate anything and everything that does not nourish your heart.

Package Your Expertise Into a Multiple 6-figure Empire

You've been carrying your business while you evolve, now it's time for your business to evolve so that it carries you. You are an expert in so many things, you've already evolved so much, and it's finally time for someone to help you package your expertise into a scalable heart-centered empire. It's time for your business to deliver and for you to arrive.


You've been so focused on building your business and increasing revenue, you forgot about your freedom!

You've been so focused on your clients' results that you feel lost building a scalable, sustainable, and consistently profitable business model.

Whether you are a coach or a done-for-you service provider, you have been piecing together whatever you think will make it work. And you're exhausted because doing whatever it takes has included:     

❌  Spending hours and hours flowing with how you feel and posting content without a clear direction for your marketing or business. 

❌  Not creating efficient structured systems to scale your business that work for YOU and your clients.

 Letting your clients run your business with overly customized offerings that do not allow you any freedom.

This is not okay!

Doing whatever you thought it took…

 Exhausting yourself with consult calls, client sessions, marketing, and everything else it takes to run a business without any time to actually organize your business' systems.  

 Trying, reading, learning, and consuming EVERYTHING about social media strategy, ads, funnels, manifesting, and copy masterminds. You've had some success mimicking other coaches on Instagram, yet you still feel really overwhelmed and confused.

This might have 'worked' for a little while, but your nervous system and heart cannot keep going on like this!

The irony is as a coach you got into this to teach people to thrive and not just survive. And here you are winging it, flowing with it, and plainly burning out over it all. This will if it has not already turn into resentment and then you may just give up.

The fact that you're reading this page is a sign that you need effective guidance to re-evaluate your energy, your strategy, and how you operate your business. 

We are here to help you strategically:

Pivot your business model.
Add systems and organized automation.
Importantly all aligned with your heart and unique energetic signature.

To build that consistent $200k – $500k+ business you desire you don't have to offer more 1:1 customization selling more time you don't have or sell more low-mid-ticket containers burning out with launch after launch. They are a good place to begin, but you're ready for the next level of scalable and sustainable revenue growth, and this needs to be more calculated.

You're not going to build a long-term successful coaching business cobbling together 2-3 week masterclasses. Long-term success takes strategy, time, iteration, grit, commitment, consistency, mindset, and above all the business strategy MUST be an energetic match to your unique way of operating. 

You cannot continue to 'flow' with it. This has and will continue to cost you more revenue month to month you keep allowing these old subconscious patterns to repeat.



You've been flowing with your unconscious conditioning silently sabotaging your business' growth.

And you may be able to hustle your way to 6-figures once or twice, but stress and hustle will not get you to multi-six figures consistently without sacrificing your nervous system

Achieving your income goal is the low-hanging fruit. You have to be able to sustain it!

It’s time to build an organized, successful business so you can finally fully enjoy your purposeful career.

It’s time to get support from experts like us whose purpose is to help coaches like you succeed. We've been where you are and know how to get you to where you want to be. 

It’s time to feel supported by an aligned, consciously-driven community that is building in the same way and at the same pace as you!

This is a call for you to connect to your inner power now. You will know if this program is for you. You will just know.

If you know, then we decisively take this next step together.

You've been building your business in fight, flight, or freeze, and we are here to create millions of moments of safety and increased flow, through systems and structure.



 Before you apply:

We ask this of all our clients. 

Make signing up a ritual itself. 

This transition is a sacred step toward embodied purpose and financial freedom.

Ask yourself:

What you are initiating by investing in this container?

What are you shedding to create space for this success? 

Light some candles, dance, move, breathe, meditate, take a bath. Feel the power of this choice in your body, heart, and mind. 

When you hear the echoes of yourSELF whisper to sign up. 

The moment you apply, invite this expansion to begin. 

We are not here to fix you. We are not here to fix your business.

We are here to collaboratively enjoy a data-driven journey of learning, integration, execution, and self-mastery.

We are here to reveal and release your expertise into the world in profoundly intentional ways.

We are here for the ride and the destination.

Our purpose is to help support leaders like YOU.

We need leaders like you to embody financial success so we replace the outdated systems that no longer serve us. 

Will you accept the calling and join us?

Applications for April cohort are now open.


Enrollment is open now for January '22 Cohort with limited spots.
Applications are approved on a first come first served basis, so do not wait to apply. 


Unlike other digital DIY courses, where you spend 99% of your time learning instead of executing, SUPERCONSCIOUS ENTREPRENEUR ACCELERATOR™ keeps you 100% focused on doing.

This program is NOT about overworking nor is it only about flowing with what feels good when your conditioned programming has been sabotaging your actions, it's about getting results in a way that is fully aligned with your wholeness. 

There will be times you might get triggered. Not because it's hard, but because the method is so SIMPLE.

It will sound SO UNBELIEVABLY SIMPLE, you'll try to overcomplicate it.  

Resist the urge because:

> Breaking through the 6-figure mark and beyond DOES NOT have to be complicated when you are aligned. 

> Running a sustainable consistently profitable business NO LONGER needs to be complicated when you overcome your unconscious conditioning that has held you back.

> Stop worrying about the "how" and let us give you the system so you can finally optimize your zone of genius!


In fact, during the first 30 days, we'll be watching every client very closely. If you aren't actually doing the work, we'll kick you out of the program and you'll miss out on this opportunity to transform your business and life.  

That's how committed we are to the integrity of this program. 

We are 100% committed to cultivating a diverse and inclusive coaching experience.

With Maraliz being a pansexual women-identified Latina empath managing multiple autoimmune illnesses in America, and Philip being an Iraqi-Filipino Canadian managing ADHD and an auto-immune illness, we understand the unique racial barriers, ableist capitalism, sexist, and cultural challenges we must overcome in order to experience success. This is a program where you will be supported beyond the strategy and a community where you will feel safe, be seen, and for once, not be the only one.

Get ready to be surrounded by other high-performing HSPs of all ethnic and racial hues who are ready to narrow the American wealth gap by becoming profitable authentic online coaches.

Applications for April cohort are now open.



Client TikTok 2-Week #MoneyWin




Stephanie Anne Hughson,
7-figure Women's Business Coach

"Before working with Phil, I felt like I was experiencing a lot of physical and mental anxiety. I felt very reactive to most things and I didn't know why. Now I am able to handle the everyday ups and downs as a coach + entrepreneur with much more grace and centeredness. I feel so much more intentional with everything I do. I feel at peace. I feel at home. I trust myself more. I understand the power of a moment on a deeper integrated level. 

I am continually scaling my business to $700,000 cash months ($4 million in 9 months) from a pure place of empowerment and certainty. 

This work is much deeper than a transaction or a call. This work will change your experience of life. 
(Private client to Philip Attar)

Dr. Caitlin,
Hashimoto's Coach

"You may walk in with certain goals in mind, and I guarantee your entire life will be shifted in a positive direction. The impact is limitless, as I am now forever changed, so will the lives of my husband, children, and clients lives be forever changed. My impact is so much greater, my purpose is so much more powerful. After working with Philip my business sky-rocketed and I enrolled in a Millionaires Alliance club taking my coaching business to the next level! The ripple effect this will have is mind-blowing to think about."
(Private client to Philip Attar)

Dior  V.
MS, MPH  |  Obama White House Champion of Change

“Where were you when I started my business, Maraliz? I feel like I’ve gotten more accomplished for my business in the last few weeks than I have these past few years and you’re helping me see things differently. I am so glad I found you and I’m so excited to keep going!”
(Private client to Maraliz Campos)

Maria Perez
Global Marketing Director & Mindfulness Educator

“Maraliz, you are like a bee pollinating flowers like me so that we can spread our gifts and make an impact in the world. I have found myself again! I’m no longer anxious about being anxious and I’ve stopped obsessing over my health. I don’t push myself until I hate work. Through this, I’ve discovered my exact purpose is to open a mindful school in Spain, and I’m able to build it without the stress I used to put myself through. I’m free!"
(Private client to Maraliz Campos)

Raghdan Hassan
Intuitive Guide/Coach for Arab Millenials

"Before the program, I was deeply resisting my path. This subconscious heavy presence of feeling like a fraud weighed on me more than I knew. Now I truly feel like I can guide others the way I’ve been guided, this program changed my life because it changed me, it helped me fully embody and take ownership of who I am. I realized I was far more powerful than I had even imagined."
(Private client to Philip Attar)

Amy Babcock
Senior Manager of Special Events at Rubin Museum of Art, NYC

“Over the last five + years, I have worked with Maraliz and I have watched her open hearts and expand minds through her graceful inspiration. She brings to the table a knowledge of her craft and a gentle spirit that instantly awakens curiosity and inspires an open mind. She has and will always be my go-to for corporate client bookings, and Maraliz is repeatedly sought after by Google, law firms, social groups, volunteer organizations, and more. Her ability to create in-person and virtual content, coach, advise me and the client on wellness practices, and host healing experiences makes for enriching experiences and always leaves my clients thrilled they had the chance to work with her.”
(Private client to Maraliz Campos)

Daniel Torockio
Global Lead Mental Health, Spotify, NYC

“Maraliz is such a radiant being with a powerful presence. Their authentic expertise in mental health and passion for empowering individuals really comes through in coaching sessions and I always feel safe and supported in our discussions. As a Global Lead for Spotify’s mental health programming, I worked with Maraliz on internal workshops for employees and they created an amazing personalized audio/visual meditation experience that we streamed to all of our offices worldwide on World Mental Health Day. I am very grateful to have Maraliz as a coach and look forward to working with them in the future both personally and in the corporate space.”
(Private client to Maraliz Campos)

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